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ENGLISH (Türkçe için bkz. "Gülen 'Hollywood Filmi' Demekte Haklıydı Ama 1960'ların Filmi")

Ertürk at a Silent Scream rally.
Ret. Rear Admiral Türker Ertürk was commander of the Military Academies when he resigned in protest over the harrassment of officers during the Ergenekon, "Sledgehammer" hoaxes and related allegations that cleared the Turkish Armed Forces of the best in the higher command and the finest in the upcoming ranks. The prosecutors, judges as well as the police were infested with Gülen’s moles at the time.

The July 15th coup attempt was reportedly spearheaded by Gülen’s moles in the military, many of whom had been promoted to positions cleared from officers forcibly discharged through the hoaxes whose eventual aquittal did not mean a return to their former positions.

I admire Admiral Erürk for his thoughts, his uncompromising upstanding nature and sheer heroism, and have quoted him more than once in my blog. (See: "The Defense of "Retired Admiral Türker Ertürk", 13 May-Mayıs 2015, and "About ISIS or ISIL or DAESH", 2 February-Şubat 2016)

Admiral Ertürk has been tried for “insulting the President” (at a Silent Scream rally in Tekirdağ on May 13th 2014), having called him a “dictator”. He was sentenced to 11 months, which was converted to a bulky fine. After July 15th President Erdoğan has withdrawn all such charges as a gesture. I don’t know whether Admiral Ertürk benefited from this, but he certainly has not become more subservient.

This is my translation of an article by Admiral Ertürk from August 5th 2016.

Speaking on the GPS program presented by Fareed Zakaria on CNN International, Fethullah Gülen said he had nothing to do with attempted coup, likening the incidents of July 15th to a “Hollywood film”, calling it all a scenario.

Gülen was right, the coup attempt was really a film. To put it more correctly, it was a TV series, on air since hustle-bustle days of the “Cold War”. It has been directed, scripted and released a by the guiding mind in the country where Gülen has been residing fort he past 17 years.

Gülen was pretty much one of the oldest actors of this series! The government in power, erstwhile comrade now accused by Gülen, has been a role player since 2002. And this is still not the full lineup of criminals! From politics to media, from business circles to the state bureaucracy and the military many took part in this series scripted by the guiding mind, some unknowingly, some for economic gain or political ascension- and they still do.

On the July 15th installment of this long running series targeted the Republic of Turkey, its founding ideology, and the Turkish Armed Forces. It had been assessed that, whether successful or not, such a coup would serve the interest of the mastermind, and the button was pushed by way of manipulation of the Cemaat (Djemaat=“Commuity”, for Gülen Community). President Erdoğans possible reactions after a failed coup attempt, how he would see this as an opportunity, and how even this would serve the cause, had all been taken into account.


Turkey’s interests and security demanded that the pro-Cemaat substructure be flushed out of the state, most urgently the Turkish Armed Forces. But it wasn’t done, wasn’t allowed to be done!

I look at television and the written press; with some small exceptions, they are still maintaining a anti-national, unethical stance. They are mostly interviewing people victimized by the Cemaat, telling us what a devil Gülen is, what a great struggle the ruling government is putting up for democracy, and thereby misleading the public, hiding the greater picture, and barring those capable of revealing it from the screens. In truth, the greatest responsibility of the victimization of said victims rests on the shoulders of the AKP government. Once you fail to say as much, victim or not, you too become a tool of the operation.


Facing civil war, seperation and economic collapse, left defenceless against imperialist plans, we cannot explain away Turkey’s situation through “the attempted coup of July 15th” and “Cemaat” alone.

The greatest responsibility of the attempted coup of July 15th lies with the AKP government, having in time aided and abetted  the Cemaat in penetrating and organizing itself to an extent it could stage a coup, having lent unconditional support to its illegal operations, (Admiral Ertürk here refers to the Ergenekon , “Sledgehammer” and related hoaxes that crippled the military).


Any declaration that avoids saying as much, avoids pointing out that the guiding mind behind it all is the USA, avoids mentioning the New World Order and sub-projects like the Greater Middle East Project supporting it, is a declaration made in ignorance, falsehood, or with a secret agenda.

Saying “we were fooled and misled” does not acquit one from responsibility. Assuming it does, what will happen if the coup plotters say in court “Fethullah Gülen fooled and misled us by exploiting our pure, clean Islamic sensibilities”? Or if they go further and say “we acted together (with the AKP government) on the illegal Ergenekon and 'Sledgehammer' hoaxes, we want them to be tried as well”? After all, those were no different from the July 15th coup attempt; they really constituted the first step.


The claim that the AKP is struggling for democracy and justice is a big lie. In their 14 years in power they have whittled away at democracy, justice, human rights, the founding principles of our Republic, and last but not least, secularism, the sine qua non of Muslim countries especially. It is their contiuous support of the Cemaat that has brought about a milieu suitable for a coup.

So the Gülen Cemaat (“community”) is bad, does that make the “Menzilci” (a new sect derived from Naqshbandî) and Naqshbandî any better? One is just as bad as the other. There is only one sect for the modern man and that is the “sect of Science”. There are no individuals in communities and sects, only people who have surrendered their minds, lost their freedom, herded into easily manipulated masses. In our day all sects and communities, including politics, incorporate at least one of the trio of power, money and sex.


You are closing down military high schools but meanwhile you are trying to open the way for passage from clerical high schools into military education. Excuse me for saying so but this cannot be attributed to good intentions. No version of “Political Islam” should be allowed into the Turkish Armed Forces.

The coup attempt of July 15th is a retrograde uprising of “Political Islam” and is unlike any of the previous coups. The fact that they were wearing uniforms does not change this. The real target of this attempted coup was not the AKP rule but the founding ideology of the Republic of Turkey. The previous coups targeted the government in power uniquely. If this last coup had been successful, the greatest number of ministers would have come from the ranks of the AKP, even the Prime Minister.

With my respects.

This article was published on August 5th 2016, on an independent internet newssite known as OdaTV.

OdaTV was once the object of Gülen's wrath. It had been raided by the police on February 4th 2011, on orders of state prosecutor Zekeriya Öz, a known Gülen "community" adherent. After Gülen and Erdoğan parted ways, and Erdoğan launched a crackdown on the Gülen's “parallel state”, the once all-powerful state prosecutor quietly slipped out of the country to avoid arrest, on August 10th 2015.

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