16 Temmuz 2016 Cumartesi



The parliament after bombing by fighter jets on the night of July 15th 2016.
(Image from the media.)

We were shocked to hear of an ongoing coup attempt yesterday, and were uncertain what to make of it. After all, Erdaoğan and the military had apparently buried the hatchet in recent years, making a common cause of Turkey's unity and national identity.

It seems now that the coup was staged by members of the Gülen cult, which would point the finger at the US- because Gülen is their stooge, as well as Erdoğan's erstwhile close partner.

Since Gülen and Erdoğan parted ways, the US has tried to replace Erdoğan whose unpredictability was fast becoming a liability. Erdoğan defied the US and, in so doing, moved closer to the military- which could now return to its usual business of defending the Republic and the unity of the country. That is precisely what Erdoğan and Gülen had originally been recruited to prevent. The coup was not launched by the military as an institution, but by a group, going so far as to detain the Chief of Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar in the process.

Erdoğan was in the process of clearing out the government from Gülen's moles- and with the annual promotions coming up in just weeks, they risked being flushed out completely from the military very soon.

If the coup attempt was really launched by Gülen's moles, as is being claimed (and is highly probable), then its success would have removed Erdoğan, but surrendered the country to the US "Greater Middle East Project", which involves its denationalization and partition. For the situation just before  please see "Turkey's Third Reich?" 
For a view fom abroad of yesterday's events check out

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